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26 year old transgressive poet from San Diego.

You may also know me as purplemartian or from my website Too Into It.

4th February 2013

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Burning Bridges

The last time you saw the spark,
you disappeared before it had the chance
to engulf all our surroundings 
and to halt our twisted dance.

Having given into what once was
and what never would again,
I took an oath to rise above-
I vowed this time I would win.

When you came back for me,
you knew something was wrong.
I was as cold as ice
when I used to burn like the sun.

Now, I don’t feel the inhalation,
but the smoke sits in my lungs.
And I don’t remember drinking
but I’m drunk.

So, you stay on your side
and I’ll stay on mine.
Try not to run through
when I light the match this time.

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